When I ran my repair shop
chaos was normal.
Paper was everywhere.

Devices were everywhere. Parts were everywhere. We didn’t lose things too often, and we managed to keep most of our clients happy, but I sure felt a lot of unnecessary stress as the owner. Unfortunately for me that was 10 years ago and there wasn’t many solutions. I used Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, and spreadsheets to keep things together.

Luckily many things have changed. But even tools available to repair store owners to make running cell phone repair stores easier, my feedback from owners still show that most shops are having difculties pulling it all together.

This article will discuss the 3 advantages that a modern repair ticketing system will bring to your business. Many of these features exist within CellStore, my repair ticketing software. I would recommend that you check it out at www.cellstore.co, but even if you don’t, this short guide will provide you with some of the key advantages that an electronic repair system can provide.

Time Savings

If you had 1000 hours in a day you could probably get everything you need to run your business done in any given day. Unfortunately there’s only 24. Taking care of customers, sta, completing repairs, managing parts inventory, marketing and advertising, and the dozens of other things that you need to do daily take more time than you generally have. A repair store owner who employs bad systems, or worse no systems, has an even harder time.

A good repair ticketing system for your cell phone repair shop should reduce the time you and your staff need to manage important aspects of the business.


Here are some additional elements that can positively impress your customers: Customers records are centrally stored. Customer repair and purchases are easily accessible. Within a customer’s record are the dates of each repair and sale, including the all IMEI’s and serial numbers. These tools make assisting customers, even if they’ve lost their invoice, faster.

Happier Customers

Great customer experiences are the key element to growing your cell phone repair business. These experiences keep your customers returning back to you. Driving past your competitors to give you
business. Providing fast and high quality repairs is one aspect of a great customer experience.

Here are some additional elements that can positively impress your customers:

1. Professional-looking repair tickets
The option to email tickets and invoices

2. Always keeping a virtual copy of a repair ticket or
sales invoice

3. Ordering additional warranty options on
repairs and sales

4. Self-service website to check status updates
and past purchases

5. The ability to start a repair ticket from their
home from your website

Increase Profits

A good repair ticketing system will also allow you
to increase your cell phone store prots. Some of
the ways to increase your proFIts includes:

Turn slow days into great days with
direct email blasts to your customer

Accurate inventory counts ensures
that you do not run out of important parts and products.

Sell warranties on your services and
have the system manage the details.

The increased trust that you instill
with your systems puts you in a
position to increase your repair and
service prices.

Alert you and your staff to customer
upsell opportunities.
Stop sitting on stale inventory,
always know which products to
focus on selling.

Automatic email communications to
customers who have not visited you
recently with offers.

Be confident. Control your store.

Not everyone appreciates how dicult it is to run a repair business today. But as the owner you
understand the heavy feelings, the daily stress, and knowing that your success or failure is
dependent solely on you.

Good systems can give you back the confidence and time you need to do the important actions
required to succeed. Having a repair ticketing system that is connected to the other aspects of
your business like your inventory, customer database, and point of sale will allow you to assert
greater control over your repair store destiny.

CellStore powers stores in over 20 dierent countries and in my opinion that best value service on
the market today!

Visit: https://cellstore.co/?source=wdm16


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