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Exploring the Trend in Wireless Repair

Reveal a Big Profit Future

Exploring the trends that will shape the next big business opportunities in wireless repair. Over the next 10 years, the wireless repair industry will drastically change as the Internet expands into the developing world, broadband speeds reach 4G and 5G levels and foreign manufacturers flood the market with lower-cost electronic parts and budget smart-phone models.

Smart-phone saturation will reach its highest point in the developed world. Rising disposable incomes and low price smart-phones will incentivize replacing instead of repairing damaged phones. And new technologies are making the latest smart-phone models near indestructible.

These trends among others will inevitably lead to an erosion of the wireless repair segment’s largest revenue generator: smart-phone repair.

Phone repair emerged as a significant vertical in the wireless industry. The amount of infinite products that will develop between 2022 – 2025 will introduce a whole new set of verticals for the repair industry.

McKinsey and Company, reports that IoT’s potential economic impact could range between $3.9 to 11.1 TRILLION a year by 2025, or 11 per cent of the world’s economy.

Repair professionals are uniquely positioned in the wireless industry to skyrocket revenues if they strategically take steps now to stabilize and future-proof their business.

The following report outlines the present and future of the wireless repair industry. This is a roadmap wireless repair professionals can follow to generate new revenue as the industry faces substantial disruption from outside forces.

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