Mobile device and cellular repair training is a skill taught best by industry innovators. Mengtor MD trainers are not only instructors, but we are still active repair technicians.

Our proven methods confirm that hands-on training is the most efficient way of learning. Upon completion of training, our students will not only be certified but will receive unlimited up to date technical support beyond the classroom.

At Mengtor Mobile Device Training (MMDT), we specialize in all mobile device repairs. From simple basic repairs such as glass, digitizers, LCD’s, flex cables, speakers etc viagra from india., MMDT students will be taught advanced on-board Level III component repairs. These include but are not limited to microphones, soldered flex cables, charging ports, headphone jacks and SIM/SD card readers, all of these which are thoroughly explained during training. We also go in-depth about the effects of liquid damage to small electronics.

Mengtor-4Hands-on training.

Here, the students will learn all of the industry tools, tips, and tricks for restoration of non-working devices, due to spillage or submerged devices. For over 9 years our trainers have been highly respected for their knowledge and experience throughout the wireless industry. Our instructors are some of the first developers of wireless repair training in the nation and helped establish hundreds of current repair centers. With our well-equipped facilities we use advanced state of the art technology that allows us to simplify and enhance the learning process for our students by giving them direct access to the latest tools and equipment.

We understand that every student learns at a different pace. The students have ample access to training materials in class to ensure their success, regardless of their pace. At MMDT we understand that knowledge is power and with that said, students will have the opportunity to not only watch and listen but to practice hands-on until they can confidently make the repair taught upon return to their shop. Hands-on training is the most effective and the quickest way to learn. Students will leave our training with more confidence in their ability to troubleshoot and repair all mobile devices. Continued practice post-training of these techniques further cements this knowledge and hones their ability and expertise. With the repair industry booming the way it is, sign up now for this course and start receiving the education required to grow profits tomorrow.


Repair industry job placement & networking services for graduates.

Cell phone repair is a growing industry with great earning potential; however, we understand that not every student wants to open their own repair business. For students looking to market their valuable, high-level skills to repair shop owners, MMDT will soon provide job placement and networking services. Thousands of potential employers will be able to view a list of graduates and their contact information on our website, allowing them to contact students directly with potential job offers for techs who choose to use this service.

Offer unlimited support, post-training.

We understand that five days of intensive training may leave students with questions, which is why we offer unlimited support after training. Students are encouraged to call us anytime with questions, to keep their skills up to date with trusted information.

As one of the top mobile device repair training services in the country, we spend thousands of dollars on training materials. We do this to provide students with a thorough hands-on experience, always with enough room for trial and error without concern. Mengtor is one of the largest cell phone parts supplier in the US, with plenty of resources to spare, if students mistakenly destroy hardware while attempting repairs – we got you covered! Trainers will ensure that repair mistakes are promptly corrected, and students leave feeling confident in their range of repair abilities.

Provide access to large inventory of training materials.

Hands-on training is the only way to learn how to repair cell phones, which is why we provide students access to our large inventory of training materials from iPads and iPhones, bar phones, smart phones, LCD assemblies, flex cables, charging ports, and much more. This allows students to practice real-life repair scenarios using the highest quality tools and hardware


Believe you can be an expert of anything by watching a video.

Cell phone repair requires a high level of skill that only comes from proper training. It is not as simple as ordering parts from eBay and following instructions on YouTube, thereby yielding unprofessional results with potentially damaged components or incorrectly matched hardware. As a cell phone repair technician, it is common to encounter customers requesting the installation of hardware they ordered online, perhaps thinking they could perform the repair themselves. This is why we ONLY offer hands-on training, allowing students to gain the expert-level knowledge that comes from making mistakes and improving skills in a controlled environment. If repairing phones was as simple as watching online videos, cell phone repair shops would go out of business! This is why we DON’T offer online training.

Hire technicians that are not qualified.

All of our trainers have a minimum of 8 years of repair experience, including ownership and operation of repair shops. Properly training students requires our trainers’ hands-on participation and expertise. We DON’T hire technicians from Craigslist – that’s for sure!

Force students to sign silly non-disclosures or non-complete documents.

Being a professional repair training center, we are definitely not afraid of sharing our knowledge with our students. We want our students to be successful in the repair industry, by having the knowledge and skills needed to open a cell phone repair shop, or even a cell phone repair training center. Therefore we DON’T force our students to sign ANY non-disclosure or non-compete documents before attending our training. Our goal is to use our wealth of knowledge and experience to train every student to be successful and capable of performing the highest quality repairs.

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