Digital cameras similar to television sets, digital cameras (not including cameras in phones and tablets) also present an interesting repair niche.


The market for digital cameras is set to grow to approximately $20 billion by 2023. However, much of this growth is expected to concentrate in developing countries, whereas in the developed world the growth of digital camera sales is declining. While higher-end cameras remain profitable due to a large market of photography enthusiasts, industry reports are finding that for the average consumer, the cameras baked into the modern smart-phones have become sufficient and powerful enough for most common usage. For this reason, we advise wireless repair entrepreneurs to be cautious before entering this repair niche. The components of top quality digital cameras are expensive, they are delicate to handle, and repairing these devices requires specialized training. However, the tools needed to repair digital cameras are similar to those used to repair smart-phones, and the large base of camera enthusiasts and the high cost of quality cameras mean that it is possible to charge a premium to repair these device.


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